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This is the second post I have made. I actually like this and this is a lot easier than using some of the other forms of website builders that are on the internet. Today, I wanted to upload a couple of videos that I have found to be helpful in playing the guitar. I love some of the music these people play and I thought I would share it with you. This playing is AMAZING!
This is pretty cool. I am now On my third post. It is just another day at the office and I'm very excited to be able to share another YouTube video that I found online. Right now, I'm thinking about going to college a little early. I am hoping that I will be able to learn a couple more skills than what I had originally thought. For example, I'm thinking that I may be able to learn HTML and possibly some CSS before the year is over. However, you never know.

Here is some interest music news.
I am not so sure what they call it doing but I really honestly cannot think of even a better name than that. However if I think of one, I will make sure no note it down. Jazz is also something I have always wanted to learn. Our never been a young boy and going to New Orleans in seen the blues and jazz players really struck a chord, no pundit intended, with me.

I have not really try to get into music too much in the past few years. There have been quite a few different instruments I think I have wanted to play over the years but because of one reason or another, I just never took the time to try to learn as much as I think I should have.

Looking back, I think I would have learned to play the violin about 10 to 15 years ago I would have almost perfected my skill this day. But, you never know how much you are going to learn in a very short period of time because sometimes skills take longer to develop than others. I also would have not gotten into a lot of credit card debt either, but that does not really matter at this particular time because all of that is over. Going forward I feel that I will try to possibly learn how to play an acoustic instrument or a percussion instrument. A percussion instrument may be a little more difficult only due to the fact that there may be people upstairs award to decide that may hear us play in this may but yet it might not they may even enjoy it.
I think I am finally getting the hand of all of this. The video above is a dub step, it was not until recently that I even heard about this type of music that after you listen to it a few times it is really amazing to see what type of music can be made with this type of talent. In this video this is a violin playing and I find it extremely uplifting and quite brilliant the same time. Over the last two years music has been a very big part of my life and to find that others can create things that I would've never have thought about always amazes me time after time. Over the last few years music has really changed and it has changed incredibly over the last decade or so. In the early 70s and 80s there seem to be a playing field that many cannot get to because you have to have a producer in you have to have an exorbitant amount of talent in order to get into the industry. Now, with YouTube and other video sharing sites it is becoming more of an even ground for people to get into. Some individuals who do not have the connections can just post a YouTube video and they all of a sudden can become a sensation in their communities. It is quite amazing to see this happen.

This article from Mashable talks about breaking into the industry

This is for those would like more information. Although I am not anywhere near the industry, we all have had friends who were interested in this type of work and doing it for a living. I know I have at times.
In other types of music news there seems to be quite a few companies that are allow individuals to stream music. So these companies are Spotify, Pandora, and Apple also has its iTunes which allows people to stream some of the best music and even search categories and decide what type of music they would like to listen to. The fees that people will usually pay or anywhere from 5 to 6 hours per month and sometimes low as three dollars per month. This is a big difference compared to what was usually considered filesharing and seems to be a lot more been friendly because it allows the music to be listened to and vans will still get paid royalties for the music that is being played. It seems as though, digital music is here to stay in with all of these different companies it looks like that we will have a lot of music to listen to over the next 30 to 40 years and even more.